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Honey Tasting Salento

Discovering the world of bees and the most precious nectar that Nature offers us


Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of bees with a unique experience, visiting the fascinating universe of beekeeping.

Venture among the sweet scents of the Salento countryside, listening to the sound of bees at work and exploring a real beekeeping farm.

Surprise yourself among the colors of nature, observing the creative work of these tiny beings, masters of dedication and careful diligence.

You will know the mastery of raising bees

You will be accompanied by Tina and Valerio, expert beekeepers, on this magical adventure.

A fascinating journey, from the hives to the honey extraction room, where you will have the opportunity to see up close the age-old art of collecting the golden nectar created by the work of nature, savoring the authentic taste of country life and ancient knowledge.

Let yourself be enchanted by the fantastic world of beekeeping

You will be able to taste the authentic flavor of honey, letting yourself be enchanted by the stories and curiosities that surround these small and extraordinary insects.

Tina and Valerio will lead you to the extraordinary discovery of the art of beekeeping, in what for them is a philosophy of life… not to act, but to assist Nature, without intervening in what it itself has already made perfect.

Passionate and custodians of these wonderful, almost magical beings, they will teach you how to maintain survival and ensure the multiplication of their fantastic friends, telling you about the interesting process of producing honey and its varieties, up to harvesting.

Honey tasting among the hives in Salento

To then dive into the tasting journey, from the visual, olfactory and gustatory evaluation of their honey.

A sensorial experience that stimulates the mind and palate and will leave you with a profound admiration for the tireless work of bees and the art of beekeeping.

Learn about the honey art by tasting honey


The honey tasting journey and the visit to the company lasts about an hour and a half / two hours. It is possible to book the route individually, as a couple or to participate in a group experience.

The experience is also open to those who are not guests of our facility, upon reservation. For any further information and to book the Honey Tasting Experience, call us at: +39 3757706907 or send an email to:

If you will be our guest at the farm and you want to live this experience, we suggest you book the route when booking the room, by sending us an email and indicating the period of stay, we will provide you with all further details and we will arrange together the most suitable day to dedicate to this interesting experience in the art of beekeeping.