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e-bike tour Otranto – San Foca

E-Bike tour Otranto – San Foca

Cross the villages by e-bicycle, customizing your itinerary to discover the most hidden Salento among old streets and dry stone walls to experience the truest and most authentic traditions and the local culture.

Thanks to our external partners, our guests will be able to choose between different itineraries, cultural, through the streets of historic cities such as Lecce, Otranto and villages such as Acaya, adventure, on the cliffs and in the woods and itineraries even at night under the stars, starting from La Millenaria in assisted pedalling.

At the end of the itinerary, a tasting of typical local products and a glass of strictly good Salento wine is included, all served in the open air in the verdant and authentic spaces of our farm.

How to book your e-bike excursion between Otranto, San Foca and Lecce
To book your pedal assisted excursion, send us an email to or call us 3757706907
We will provide you with further information on our e-bike itineraries.
We advise you to book our experience in advance…
Traveling Salento by e-bike among old streets, dry stone walls, along the coast or through the streets of Lecce and Otranto, is an emotion that fascinates millions of guests who come to visit our wonderful land every year.