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Apulian masseria exclusive and full of charm in Otranto Land

The eternal charm of past eras that come to life in all their splendour

La Millenaria, an historical farmhouse near the sea in Salento, still retains the sacredness of the centuries that have passed through it and of the men who have inhabited it, maintaining authenticity in every structural feature.

The drains, from which boiling oil was thrown against the enemy and the ancient moat, are still clearly visible; the vaulted ceilings, the exposed iron beams and tie rods, the marble and parquet floors, the original stone staircases and the large fireplaces in each suite evoke the nuances of a bygone era.

Castello Masseria La Millenaria
Masseria La Millenaria

The ancient access to the fortified farmhouse

The entrance to La Millenaria is nestled between two churches, one from the Byzantine period and the other facing more recently Christian, it represents the clashes and periods of peace between peoples and religions that have followed one another in the spaces and environments of the farmhouse.

The banquet hall is magnificent, hosting a majestic table made from a single trunk, while the high vaults and winding stairs that surround the view from below and above lead to the suites on the upper floors, reinforcing all the charm and mystery of the place.

The scent of sweets typical of Salento and the aromas of tea and herbal teas accompany the long summer days to oriental sound or jazz music, which can also be listened to in every room, but always in the utmost privacy.

Dolce Vita Suite Masseria La Millenaria

Spaces that tell the story

Marble mosaics on the floor, fine wood furnishings, many of which designed by authentic Italian masters, the doors with their curious and unusual bolts have retained all their former glory, authentically and finely restored by the skilled hands of Umbrian craftsmen.

Nothing in La Millenaria, historical farmhouse in Salento, is left to chance. From whatever angle the farm is observed, it manages to tell its story, like a skilled storyteller.

The atmosphere you breathe is of a timeless fairy tale…

masseria la millenaria piscina e verde