Are you thinking about a trip to Salento and are you still undecided about the period? Choose May!

Below we will show you why May is one of the most beautiful months of the year to visit our land.

In Salento, May is the month of awakening.

You can rediscover yourself, shaking off all the chaos of everyday life and living every moment of your trip intensely, dedicating it only to yourself.

Spring is the right period to visit Salento

Places, landscapes, streets are reserved for a select few.

The sun warms our days in a harmonious way just enough to allow you to blissfully feel its still light warmth.

Walk at sunset or in the evening under the starry sky with the sea at horizon, allows you to experience a suggestive and romantic emotion…

the whole landscape is just for You.

White beaches, coves, ravines, everything is ready to welcome guests in the new summer season, but still around you, you don’t hear any noise, any din, only nature, which with its sweet sounds and its bright colours, communicates all its peace, overwhelming your mind with positive emotions.

Events and patronal festivals, in May, flourish again in the small villages of Salento with which we recall mysterious rituals connected to nature and our culture.

You will be able to immerse yourself in our traditions and discover the liveliness of the people of Puglia.

In May at La Millenaria

La Millenaria farm will welcome you in its large and sumptuous rooms and suites.

When you wake up you will be able to enjoy a large breakfast buffet, sweet and savory, with lots of seasonal fruit.

The chef is already enthusiastic about welcoming you to dinner…

He will tell you about his dishes… exclusive dishes… prepared with local raw materials, following the philosophy of tradition and his magical touch of refinement.

Our concierge service will provide you with every suggestion to reach the most beautiful beaches, the most hidden coves, places of art and culture, small artisan shops, the most evocative landscapes and wonderful panoramas.

And then there are our experiences…

You can visit a typical wine cellar, take a boat excursion to see the Adriatic coast from the sea, an evocative experience, along the wildest coast of Salento or choose our new meditation path that we have designed to help our guests untie internal knots and rediscover a new psychophysical well-being.

You can also come into contact with the world of honey and bees in a real beekeeping farm of a dear friend of ours.

Everything you need to experience a wellness journey in a timeless retreat awaits You in May at La Millenaria.