Crossing the small street that is located close to Masseria La Millenaria, you reach the Grotta della Poesia, a natural sea water pool among the most beautiful in the world, protected by UNESCO. The history of The Poesia is mysterious and fascinating at the same time.

It is a swimming pool of rare beauty, with an elliptical shape which is located about 30 meters from the sea, connected to a smaller pool by a suggestive underground karst canal which can also be crossed by swimming.

The name derives from the Greek “Posìa”, whose meaning is source, rebirth. It is thought, in fact, that this wonder of nature was once a source of fresh water and was used to immerse oneself in purification rituals.

In the site, along the walls surrounding the smallest basin of the cave, ancient Messapic inscriptions have been found, as well as Greek and Latin ones, testifying to the different civilizations that have occurred in these places (we are in fact in the archaeological area of Roca Vecchia, a small village destroyed by the Turks in 1480).

Many of these inscriptions attest to the veneration of the Messapian populations for the God Taotor.

In front of the Poesia Cave, crossing the road, it is possible to admire a small church with three naves dedicated to Maria Santissima delle Grazie, in which references have been found that attest to the passage of the Knights Templar.

The Poesia Cave is a natural paradise, where you can still breathe the pure energy of archaic civilizations that hovers in the light air of these places, in particular in the cool and evocative summer dawns, when it is possible to enjoy this enchanting and fascinating panorama close to the sea waters to meditate or do Yoga in front of the Adriatic Sea which is lost in the infinite horizon.

Very close to La Millenaria, the Poesia Cave can also be reached by jogging, with a regenerating morning run, before the opening of the grand breakfast buffet that will await you upon your return.