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Masseria La Millenaria, an Apulian soul between land and sea, expresses its bond with Salento in the Terra d’Otranto at San Foca, through the fusion of fresh, quality products in an evocative and authentic setting for timeless elegance.

Upon reservation, the restaurant is also open to external guests 


+39 375 770 6907

From our Kitchen

Mediterranean cuisine intimately connected to the origins and history of the place, Salento. A refined culinary proposal composed of typical dishes from the land and sea, in which the poor raw materials of yesteryear take on a new energy, with a refined flavour, and show themselves to our guests like an ancient painting, bewitching the eye and indulging the palate.

scorfano rosso

From the nearby sea directly to the masseria


Always synonymous with authentic flavors, the result of experience and passion for our work.

Oily fish, octopuses, clams, purple prawns, swordfish, sea urchins, tuna, … 

From the precious chest of the Mediterranean Sea, a crossroads of culture and peoples, which hides among its waves, among its noblest raw materials, come the quality and zero-km ingredients used in the cuisine of Piazza del Forte, pure substances that are masterfully combined in the skilled hands of our chef, overcoming the rules of tradition for unique dishes with an unmistakable Mediterranean flavour.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We look after the sea by respecting everything our precious ally offers us, we select only those fish that respect the minimum size, seasonality, zero kilometer, thus contributing to the maintenance of the species because we believe as professionals to be responsible for environmental sustainability through our choices.

crudo di mare scampi e gamberi viola


Raw seafood

Seafood, fish carpaccio, molluscs and crustaceans, the undisputed protagonists of our raw dishes, expertly sprinkled with sauces obtained from the pressing of citrus fruits and Apulian fruits and spiced with the aromatics of La Millenaria.

It is by following a rigorous ritual, made up of respect for times and targeted actions aimed at obtaining the right harmony, that we preserve and present to our guests all the taste of the sea…


The wines

Faithful companion at every banquet, for Aeschylus the mirror of the soul…Wine…an inebriating touch of magic that makes every dinner a signature encounter.

We have selected the best Salento labels to excite our guests’ evenings and enrich them with unforgettable stories.

la cantina dei vini

It is possible to book a table in Piazza del Forte , the restaurant of La Millenaria,

+39 375 770 6907

In La Millenaria everything is designed to make you experience unique moments.