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Pizzica and Tamburello Lessons at masseria

Pizzica Workshop, the wonderful Salento folk dance at La Millenaria

Discover together the origins, rites, uses and customs of the Salento area, approaching the Pizzica, an ancient popular dance, now known throughout the world, venturing into its mysterious gaits, accompanied by suggestive and evocative, almost mystical sounds, learning the steps basic, posture and gestures and having fun, dancing to the rhythm of the tambourine.

Get excited, truly experiencing the cultural heritage of Salento, transferring emotions and liveliness to those who, from more or less nearby lands, feel the call of this wonderful land.

PIZZICA SALENTINA WORKSHOP curated by Cristina Frassanito professional dancer

The Pizzica-Pizzica is the most identifying dance of the Salento popular tradition.
With this lesson at the farm you will be able to learn about the typical gestures of Pizzica and delve into the history of the area through dance together with our professional dancer Cristina, who, with her experience, will transfer emotions and all her enthusiasm to you. A unique experience with a lively flavor that you will carry in your heart forever.

In this experience:
– we will discover the origins, rites, uses and customs of this dance;
– we will learn the basic movements and steps of Pizzica

TAMBURELLO WORKSHOP curated by Alessandro Chiga

The “tamburello” is the main instrument of the Salento nights, the most important for the execution of the Pizzica-Pizzica. Its rhythm is irresistible because it recalls the heartbeat. Together with Alessandro, an expert musician, in this experience:

– we will learn the basic techniques for playing a traditional Salento tambourine;
– we will discover the history and peculiarities of this instrument with irresistible panache.

Get ready to come into contact with all the liveliness of our traditions and customs!

Each session (Pizzica Lesson / Tamburello Lesson) lasts approximately an hour and a half / two hours and is practiced in the farm, upon reservation.
It is possible to choose to practice the booked session individually or as a couple.

The experience is also open to those who are not guests of our facility, upon reservation.

For any further information and to book the Pizzica lesson and/or the Tamburello lesson at the farm,
call us at: +39 3757706907 or send an email to:

If you will be our guest at the farm and you are interested in the Pizzica and/or Tamburello lesson, we suggest you book when booking the room, by sending us an email and indicating the period of stay, we will provide you with any further details and we will set the day together most suitable to dedicate to this exciting experience.