Seaside resort located on the border between Melendugno and Otranto, where two of the most majestic and well-known rocks of Salento stand, “The Faraglioni”.

Once upon a time this locality, like many others in this area, was a place dedicated to the cult of the Saint, in fact in it, there stood a small church from the Byzantine age, where the Orthodox rite was practiced, testifying to the close link with Constantinople and the East of this whole part of the Adriatic.

This small church was assigned in the Norman era to the Benedictine nuns of San Giovanni Evangelista of Lecce.

There is evidence of the small church until 1344, when it was used as a place of worship by fishermen. Since that year there have been no traces of the building.

Torre Sant’Andrea, due to the impressive view it afforded over the sea, was used during the Middle Ages as a lookout place against Turkish and pirate attacks, so much so that it was built there, at the behest of Vittorio Renzo of Lecce (as we read from a document dated 30 October 1567), a high watchtower (there are many ancient towers that can be seen along the entire Adriatic coast), but this too was destroyed a few decades later to make way for the Torre Sant’Andrea lighthouse in Missipezza , which still today indicates the route on this wonderful strip of coast, dressed in crystal clear waters and surrounded by extraordinary and imposing golden rocks.

Masseria La Millenaria is a few kilometers from this wonder of Salento.