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Wellness, meditation and conscious breathing in Masseria

Immerse Yourself in wellness, meditation and relaxation of your being in Masseria
Inner Dance & Complete Wellness Experience in Masseria
Let yourself flow like water…
Embark on a journey of inner harmony and rejuvenation amidst the tranquil surroundings of Masseria La Millenaria. Once a sanctuary for Basilian Monks where the realms of East and West converged, our timeless invites you to embrace in a modern fusion of ancient practices and contemporary wellness.

Imagine your body as a river with different currents flowing through you, full of emotions, memories and hidden aspects of your being. When this natural flow is blocked, problems, blockages and tensions can arise. Through this practice, we receive the key to unlock this flow and allow our energy to flow freely, without obstacles, offering us the opportunity to discover all the treasures hidden within us.” Alexander

Inner Dance Experience at Masseria
Delve into the depths of your being with Inner Dance, a transformative practice offered at Masseria. Rooted in ancient cultures and designed to dissolve emotional barriers, Inner Dance invites you to embark on a profound introspective journey into the depths of your soul.
Under the expert guidance of Alexander, a dedicated soul trainer, you’ll navigate the labyrinth of your inner landscape, unlocking hidden truths and untapped potential. Through the harmonious interplay of immersive sounds, the nurturing embrace of nature’s elements, and gentle relaxation to let go, you’ll be led towards a transcendent state of self-discovery.
Allow yourself to surrender to the rhythm of spontaneous movement, emotional release and openness to your inner vision. Inner Dance at Masseria give you the possibility to awaken your inner consciousness, promoting our inner well-being. Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-exploration and transformation.
Complete wellness experience in Masseria
Be part of the complete wellness experience that transcends the ordinary, offering a unique pathway to internal harmony and rejuvenation. Led by the seasoned guide Alexander, this transformative journey encompasses a fusion of practices meticulously designed to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.
Step into a dynamic fusion of body activation, consciuss breathing, and guided meditation, Alexander expertly guides you towards a state of profound balance and well-being.
Begin by awakening the body with awakening movements, reduce muscle stiffness, improve blood circulation and release accumulated tension.
To continue, immerse yourself in the art of mindful breathwork, based on receiving new energy with each inhale and releasing stagnant energy with each exhale. Experience the calming of the mind, the relaxation of the body, and the profound connection to the essence of life itself.
To conclude, you’ll be guided in a relaxing meditation, where awareness blossoms in the present moment. Helping you explore the depths of your being, giving you inner peace and forging a profound connection with your inner self.
Ultimately, the objective of both spiritual wellness experiences at Masseria is to cultivate inner peace, reduce anxiety, and improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being, achieving greater harmony and balance in your daily life.

Join us on this transformative journey toward holistic well-being. Alexander


Both sessions (Inner Dance / Complete Wellness experience) last approximately an hour and a half / two hours and are usually practiced upon waking up, before breakfast or in any case between meals.

It is possible to choose to practice the booked session individually, as a couple or in a group.

The experience is also open to those who are not guests of our facility, upon reservation.

For any further information and to book the Inner Dance or Complete Wellness Experience at Masseria,

call us at: +39 3757706907 or send an email:

If you will be our guest at the farm and you want to live the Inner Dance and/or Complete Wellness experience, we suggest you book the session when booking the room, by sending us an email and indicating the period of stay, we will provide you with any further details and we will set together the most suitable day to dedicate to your inner awakening.